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Digging up Donald

Digging up Donald is my first comic fantasy novel published by Immanion Press in hardcover way back in 2004. A paperback edition followed in 2007, and subsequent electronic editions came in 2012. I'm lucky in that it was critically acclaimed, with barely a bad word said of it.

Digging up Donald is now out-of-print at Immanion Press, but with the rights reverting back to me, I've reissued it on Amazon for the Kindle. Click on the cover below if you're interested in purchasing a copy.

It's the end of the world in Mudcaster, and the mother is beset by family troubles.

Maureen's unborn babies have been stolen by demons in the night, and Robert has taken to playing with dead Uncle Norman. The father is talking to his pot plants, again, which wouldn't be so bad had the mother not heard them answering back.

In dark times, the mother knows that only by drawing the family together, the living and the dead, may they overcome the trials of Ending. Together they are strong; divided they are weak.

Aunt Maude is easy to find, she was cremated just the year before. But others, like Cousin Hilderbrand, who had his brain confiscated by medical science, before he'd finished with it some said, prove more difficult. The real ancients are little more than rumours in their boxes. The family must deal with troublesome dead, demons, and worse still - the living - in order to save the day.

Digging up Donald is a gentle comedy. No demons were harmed in its writing.

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"A fabulous tale, laugh-out-loud funny."
Best selling author, Storm Constantine.

"...not simply one of the most
enjoyable books I've read this year,
but one of the most enjoyable
books I've read for many years."
Steve Redwood,
author of "Fisher of Devils"
and "Who Needs Cleopatra?"

"This reviewer found himself
dreading finishing the book - it truly
is that entertaining a read."
Kevin Etheridge,
The Horror Express

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